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Sprinkler Design and Installation Huntsville, TX

Sprinkler Design and Installation Specialists

Custom Irrigation Systems

Our goal is to bring you the most pleasant experience possible when you are dealing with the irrigation profession.At Boone’s Landscaping, we understand the importance of drainage and irrigation to a successful landscape design. Our Irrigation staff can design and install a system that will provide a sufficient quantity of water to your lawn and plantings, without excess! We use all possible means to ensure efficient control of your water.We will also demonstrate how to work the control clock and what to do in case of an emergency. At Boone’s Landscape, irrigation quality is our standard, not our goal. We generally only service our own systems, allowing us to take better care of our primary customers.

Our Services

  • Free on-site sales estimates
  • The latest design techniques and irrigation technology
  • Highly experienced install crews
  • Personalized service from sales estimate through installation
  • Highest quality components for trouble-free performance
  • Minimal damage to grass and surrounding landscape
  • Equipment for any size job
  • Sprinkler Repair