Water Features



Boone’s Landscaping is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality in swimming pools and water feature construction. Whether you need a commercial or residential swimming pool, spa, grotto, pool bar, water slides, water fountain, waterfall, or a natural pond our staff has the talent and experience to handle all aspects in aquatic designs and features.
We can take care of all your commercial and residential pool maintenance, construction, renovation and repair. We can also create elegant grottoes, water slides, rock formations, pool bars, spas, waterfalls and other pool accessories.
We can bring beauty back to your outdoors by creating and installing a custom fountain. There are not your basic home improvement versions that are mass produced for retail. We build only quality, unique and artistic outdoor fountains tailored just for you.

We build natural ponds with beautiful garden surroundings
which include waterfalls, rock formations and Koi fish. These
peaceful, relaxing ecosystems will bring you a lifetime of
comfort and enjoyment!